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Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents have a fantastic opportunity to stay with their loved ones in Canada for extended periods through the Super Visa program. Unlike standard visitor visas that typically permit a stay of up to six months, a Super Visa allows multiple entries for up to ten years. The real advantage? Each stay can last up to two years without the need for renewal, making it an excellent option for families wishing to spend more quality time together. Here are all the details that you must remember:

Applying for a Super Visa involves a series of steps aimed at proving the visitor’s intent, financial situation, and overall eligibility. Here’s a brief guide on how to get started:


  • Ensure that the applicant qualifies for a regular visitor visa
    • Should be in good health
    • Have a valid travel document
    • Convince a Canadian immigration officer of their willingness to leave Canada at the end of their visit
    • Demonstrate strong ties to their home country, such as employment, family, or property ownership.


  • The Canadian child or grandchild must provide a letter of invitation
    • This letter should detail the purpose of the visit
    • Describe the host’s occupation and economic status in Canada
    • Include a signed promise of financial support


  • Demonstrate that Canadian relatives have sufficient income to support them 
    • Prove the host’s income meets/exceeds a predetermined threshold


  • Obtain medical insurance coverage from a Canadian insurance company
    • The coverage should be no less than $100,000
    • Cover health care, hospitalization, and repatriation
    • At least the last one year


  • Undergo a medical examination

These are the super visa documents you need to submit:

  • Completed application forms for a visitor visa
  • Valid passport and travel documents
  • Financial documents proving the host’s income level
  • Proof of medical insurance coverage
  • Results of the medical examination
  • A letter of invitation from the host in Canada.
  • Additional documents that prove ties to the applicant’s home country


The processing time for a Parent and Grandparent Super Visa is relatively short, typically around 8 weeks. However, this can vary based on the visa office and the applicant’s specific circumstances. Applicants must apply well before their planned travel date to account for any unforeseen delays.

The Parent and Grandparent Super Visa is a valuable tool for families to reunite and spend extended periods together. Not only does it allow for a longer stay compared to regular visitor visas, but it also provides flexibility with its multi-entry nature. 


While the application process requires careful preparation and detailed documentation, the rewards of family reunions and extended companionship are undoubtedly worth the effort. Families interested in this option are encouraged to thoroughly assess their eligibility and prepare their application with attention to detail to ensure a successful outcome.

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