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British Columbia Strategic Projects


The British Columbia Strategic Projects Stream under the BC Provincial Nominee Program is tailored for foreign corporations aiming to expand into B.C. This stream facilitates the transfer of key staff to B.C. for permanent residence, up to five senior employees. Eligible corporations must be established, financially stable, and ready to invest in B.C. Key staff should be senior employees crucial to the B.C. operation. The stream requires a significant investment from the corporation and job creation for Canadian residents. The application process includes steps like an exploratory visit, registration, application submission, and adherence to performance agreements.

For companies, they must demonstrate a compelling business case for establishing in B.C., provide a significant economic benefit to the province, and have a record of good business practices. Key employees must be essential to the company’s establishment and operation in B.C., possess the skills and experience necessary for their roles, and have the ability to become economically established in the province.

The application process for the Strategic Projects Stream involves an exploratory visit to B.C., the submission of a business proposal, and a joint application by the company and its key employees. The BC PNP then conducts a thorough review before nominating successful candidates for permanent residency.

This stream offers a valuable pathway for international companies and their key employees to contribute to B.C.’s economy while providing opportunities for permanent residence in Canada.


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