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Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream


Alberta Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur stream is somewhat similar to the Federal Start-Up Visa program. It is for foreign graduates who graduated with a degree within the last 10 years.  They must start or buy an existing business with at least 34% or 51% ownership depending on the location. You can have a partner, as long as they are a Canadian citizen or PR. You must have CLB 5 in language. The minimum investment required is $50,000 or $100,000 depending on the location. You must also have 6 months of relevant experience of actively managing or owning the business or equivalent (equivalencies are work experience with business incubator or business accelerator).

Is prior business experience required?

Minimum of 6 months full-time work experience that can be a combination of actively managing or owning the business or equivalent (equivalencies are work experience with business incubator or business accelerator).

Which types of businesses are required for Alberta Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream?

The business must be related to technology, aerospace, financial services, energy, agriculture, tourism, life sciences or pharmaceuticals. 

Letter of recommendation for the Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

Must have a letter of recommendation from an AAIP-approved designated agency. Currently two agencies are approved by Alberta:


Applications steps for the Alberta Graduate Entrepreneur Stream

  1. Create an EOI
  2. Submit a business application
  3. Sign a performance agreement & start your business
  4. Submit a report after one year
  5. Receive nomination for PR
  6. Apply for PR

The application fee to be paid to Alberta is $3,500.

The document checklist is given here

If you need help with your application for the Alberta Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream, I’d be happy to support.

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