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OINP Employer Job Offer: International Students Stream


The OINP International Student stream 2024 is one of the streams of the OINP Employer Job Offer program. It is an excellent pathway to permanent residence for international students with a job offer in a skilled occupation in Ontario. This stream is open to international students inside and outside Canada, with a job offer in a skilled occupation classified as NOC TEER 0, 1, 2 or 3. To apply, international students must first register in the OINP’s Expression of Interest System and receive an invitation to apply before they can apply online to be nominated by the Ontario government for permanent residence. If nominated, the next step is to apply to IRCC for PR.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

Education Requirements:

  • Applicants must have a 2 year Canadian undergraduate degree or diploma and OINP International Student Stream processing time (if done full-time), or a 1 year Canadian graduate degree or diploma. So these can be obtained in Canada (Ontario is not mandatory). or;
  • A 1 year university or college graduate certificate (on a full-time basis) from Ontario. These must have been obtained from certain Ontario institutions only.
  • Apply within two years of completing the OINP international student stream requirements necessary to obtain the master’s degree. For example, if your degree is dated June 1, 2023, you must have registered an EOI, received an Invitation to Apply, and submitted your application on or before June 1, 2025.

Job Offer Requirements:

  • Have an approved full-time job and a permanent job offer in a “skilled occupation” classified under Canada’s National Occupation Classification TEER 0, 1, 2 or 3 in Ontario;
  • The wage for your job offer must be equal to or higher than the median wage level, for that occupation, in the specific region of Ontario where you will be working. The exception to this rule is if you’re working in a union and the union agreement determines your wage;
  • To convert the annual wage into an hourly rate, divide your annual salary by (52x No. of hours of work/week e.g. 40).
  • The position itself must be urgent and necessary for the employer’s operations.
  • Self-employed professionals are not eligible for this category, but they may be eligible for Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream.

Work Experience & Authorization or Licence Requirement:

  • Have a at least 2 years of relevant work experience within the last 5 years, either within or outside Canada, OR have a valid licence or authorization from the relevant regulatory body in Ontario for the same occupation as the one listed in the job offer.

Intention to Reside in Ontario:

All applicants must intend to reside in Ontario. The OINP will request that the applicant demonstrate ties to Ontario, which include (but are not limited to) current and/or previous employment, job offers or jobs applied/interviewed for, education, volunteer work, lease agreements for a residence, property ownership, professional networks and affiliations, family ties, social connections or personal relationships, and previous visits to Ontario.

Legal Status:

Hold legal status (i.e. a visitor record, study permit, or work permit) and should maintain that status until nomination (if residing in Canada at the time of applying). You can also apply while on “maintained/implied” status.

Employer Eligibility Requirements

  • Have been in active business for at least three years prior to your application submission, so it cannot be an employer which just started its business;
  • Have business premises in Ontario where the prospective nominee will work;
  • Demonstrate sufficient proof of recruitment efforts if the prospective nominee is currently living abroad, or working in a province or territory other than Ontario;
  • Comply with all provincial labour laws, including, but not limited to, employment standards, health and safety, and labour relations legislation;
  • If the applicant will work or report to work inside the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the employer must have at least $1,000,000 CAD in annual gross revenues and 5 full-time employees who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents;
  • If the applicant will work or report to work outside the GTA, the employer must have at least $500,000 CAD in annual gross revenues and 3 full-time employees who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents; 
  • The employer must make an application for approval of an employment position by submitting an employer form.

Scoring Enough Points

The OINP Job Offer International Students stream is points based. You need to score enough points to be invited to apply for a nomination. To calculate your points, use our free points calculator.

Also, recently the invitations have been given to targeted occupations only, such as skilled trades, healthcare and tech. There were 2,963 invites sent in 2023. Only 21% or 620 of these were open to all occupations, while the rest were focused on the targeted occupations. The minimum score ranges for the targeted draws were 61 – 82. Whereas for the general draw the minimum score required was 82, which is quite hard to achieve for most applicants.


Required Supporting Documents

Employee’s documents

1. Job Offer Documents

  • Job Offer Letter:

    • Must be less than six months old (exceptions noted below).
    • Printed on business letterhead with complete business contact details.
    • Signed by the responsible officer/supervisor and stamped with the corporate seal (if applicable).
    • Includes job title, NOC code, wage, duties, hours per week, vacation details, workplace location, start date, and full-time indeterminate duration statement.
    • If currently employed in the position: include the original job offer (even if older than six months) and a recent employer letter confirming ongoing employment and job conditions.
  • Current Employment (if applicable):

    • Include copies of your two most recent pay slips.
  • Collective Agreement (if applicable):

    • Include relevant sections outlining wages if the wage does not meet the low wage requirement.
  • Licence or Authorization:

    • For occupations requiring a mandatory license in Ontario, include a copy of the license or authorization.

2. Education Documents

  • For Completed Education:
    • Scan and upload degree, diploma, or certificate from a Canadian college or university.
    • Include official transcripts from the granting institution.
  • For Pending Completion:
    • Official letter from the college or university confirming completion of program requirements, absence of outstanding fees, and scheduled date of credential granting.
    • Include official transcripts.
  • Other Education Documents (if applicable):
    • Include degrees, diplomas, transcripts, occupational certificates, or licenses for licensed occupations in Ontario.

3. Resumé

  • Include a scanned copy of your most current resumé.
  • Ensure it outlines current and past work experience and education.
  • Include your current residential address, email address, and phone number.

4. Intention to Reside in Ontario Documents

  • List established ties to Ontario such as employment, job offers, education, volunteer work, lease agreements, property ownership, professional networks, family ties, social connections, or previous visits.
  • Provide a statement of intent if no ties exist.
  • Carefully redact any credit card numbers.

5. Expression of Interest Scoring Factors Documents

  • Job Offer:
    • Include job offer letter with job description and wage.
  • Work Permit Status in Canada:
    • Include copies of current and previous status documents from IRCC or CBSA (work permits, study permits, implied status documentation).
  • Job Tenure with Job Offer Employer:
    • Provide employer job offer indicating start date and position details.
  • Earnings History:
    • Include Notice of Assessment(s) from CRA for the last five years.
  • Highest Level of Education:
    • Provide degree, diploma, certificate, or ECA report for foreign credentials.
  • Field of Study:
    • Include official transcript from Canadian institution.
  • Canadian Education Experience:
    • Copy of post-secondary credential from a Canadian institution.
  • Official Language Ability:
    • Include language test results from an approved service (IELTS, CELPIP, TEF Canada, TCF Canada).
  • Regional Immigration (Job Offer and Study):
    • Job offer letter with employment location and official transcript for location of study.

6. Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) for Foreign Credentials

  • Choose an IRCC-designated organization for the assessment.
  • Provide electronic copy of the ECA report (not older than five years).
  • Authorize the OINP to access ECA results electronically.
  • Follow specific steps for authorization based on the chosen ECA organization.
  • Contact the ECA organization for any specific queries.

Important Notes:

  • Ensure all documents are complete and legible.
  • Redact sensitive information before uploading.
  • Pay close attention to the age of documents (e.g., job offer letter) and the specific requirements for current employment verification.
  • Follow specific steps for ECA result authorization and sharing with the OINP

Employer’s documents

  • 1. Employer Form

    • Complete and sign the Employer Form.
    • If appointing a representative, ensure both you and the representative complete and sign section A.

    2. Job Offer

    • Provide the original job offer signed and dated by both you and the applicant.
    • Ensure the job offer:
      • Is less than six months old (exceptions for current employees).
      • Is printed on business letterhead with full business contact details.
      • Identifies responsible officer/supervisor and includes their signature.
      • Is stamped with the corporate seal (if applicable).
      • Includes job title, NOC code, wage, duties, hours per week, weeks of work per year, vacation details, workplace location, start date, full-time indeterminate duration statement, and confirmation of terms effective as of the date of nomination.
    • If the applicant is currently working in the same position, provide a letter confirming ongoing employment, job conditions, and any changes.

    3. Other Documents (If Applicable)

    • Job advertisements for recruitment efforts.
    • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), if available for the same NOC code.
    • Section of the collective agreement outlining wages, if applicable.

    4. Specific for Transport Truck Driver Positions

    • Valid Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR) certificate.
    • Safety rating (Excellent, Satisfactory, or Satisfactory Unaudited).

    5. Additional Documents (Post-Submission, If Requested)

    • Business operation proof for at least three years.
    • Proof of business presence in Ontario.
    • Gross annual revenue documentation.
    • Proof of full-time employees (Canadian citizens or permanent residents).
    • Recruitment efforts for Canadian citizens or permanent residents (if required).
    • Specifics for each document type detailed below.

    6. Active Business Documents

    • For businesses active in Canada: CRA Schedules 125 and 141 or CPA-signed financial statements.
    • For businesses active outside Canada: Foreign tax returns, incorporation documents, and proof of affiliation with the Ontario business.
    • For amalgamated businesses: Relevant documents for predecessor businesses.
    • For businesses purchased within the last three years: Financial statements, purchase agreement, and proof of continuous operation.

    7. Business Premise Documents

    • Deed to the property or valid lease/license/notice of license.

    8. Gross Annual Revenue Documents

    • CRA Schedules 125 and 141 or CPA-signed financial statements for the most recently completed fiscal year.

    9. Number of Full-Time Employees Documents

    • Completed full-time employee chart.
    • Business’s organizational chart.
    • Individual T4 statements and pay slips.

    10. Recruitment Efforts Documentation (For Foreign Worker or In-Demand Skills Streams)

    • Proof of recruitment efforts (job bank advertisement, print media, general/specialist employment websites, employer’s career website, job fairs).
    • Advertisement details (operating name, address, position title, skill requirements, wage, work location, contact information, advertisement duration).

    How to Submit Documentation

    • Give the Employer Form, signed job offer, and any applicable documents (job advertisements, LMIA, collective agreement, CVOR certificate) to the applicant to upload with their application.
    • Additional supporting documents will be requested by OINP post submission if needed.

    Important Notes:

    • Only Canadian citizens or permanent residents can be considered part of the employer’s full-time staff.
    • Avoid submitting personal information about candidates in recruitment documentation.
    • SIN numbers beginning with nine are issued to temporary residents and do not count as full-time employees.
    • Be prepared to provide additional supporting documents post submission as requested by OINP.


Application Process

To obtain Permanent Residence through the Ontario Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream, candidates must follow these steps:

  • Create a profile in the OINP e-Filing Portal, or have your authorized representative do it on your behalf from their portal;
  • Submit an expression of interest (EOI) for the OINP job offer foreign worker stream;
  • Receive an invitation to apply (ITA);
  • After receiving an invitation to apply, submit the application through the OINP e-Filing Portal within 14 days by filling in forms and uploading the required documents;
  • Receive the provincial nomination;
  • Apply for permanent residence to the federal government (IRCC) within 6 months of receiving the nomination.

Processing Times and Fees

The Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream has an application fee of $1,500 CAD (If the job offer is outside GTA) or $2,000 (if the job offer is within GTA), which can only be paid using a credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard). The processing times for a Foreign Worker Stream application are estimated to be between 90 to 120 days.

By meeting the eligibility criteria and successfully navigating the application process, applicants can build a future in Ontario and contribute to its vibrant workforce through the OINP Employer Job Offer International Student Stream

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